5 Reasons to Choose Embroidered Hats For Your Company

Do you have a company event coming up?

Looking for a great customizable promotional product for your trade show giveaway?

Are you launching a new product and want to create some instant brand recognition in the marketplace?

Embroidered Baseball CapIf so, consider choosing customizable, embroidered baseball caps or trucker hats for your next purchase. No other products have such a wide appeal, longevity and durability, and ability to have an impact on fans and new contacts alike.

At Wholesalehats.com, we not only have a great selection of customizable wholesale baseball caps and wholesale trucker hats for you to choose from, but we’re experts at customizing your chosen hat with just the right design or logo.

Choose From Our Free Embroidery Templates

In fact, if you don’t have a logo of your own, we offer a free library of beautiful template designs for you to choose from.  Our free templates can be customized just for your business, team or brand.  Most people start with our templates and design what they need instead of hiring an expensive graphic designer to create a lot or image for them.

When ordering a custom baseball cap or trucker hat, you face a choice between screen printing and embroidery.  While we do a lot of screen printing, in this article I’m going to share with you my top five reasons for choosing embroidery on your next order.


Free Embroidery Design Templates for Baseball Hats

Sample Embroidery Template

Baseball Hat Free Template Embroidery Wine Glasses

Sample Embroidery Template






5 Reasons to Choose Embroidery for Your Baseball or Trucker Hat

  1. APPEARANCE: An embroidered baseball hat is not only a classic item but one that can also be beautiful, especially when designed well. Embroidered caps have a permanence to them that is desirable in our disposable world. And not only do their coated threads cause colors to pop with brilliance, they create a three-dimensional effect which is much more appealing and tactile than the effect you achieve with a two-dimensional screen printed design.
  2. QUALITY: While it’s usually possible to screen print a design or logo on a cap, there are aspects of hat construction that present challenges to the printing process. The biggest of these is the hat’s center seam which can cause a printed design to emerge off center or uneven. Because embroidery applies your design directly into, rather than on top of, the fabric, the seam presents no problems. In fact, once a design is programmed into our system, it will emerge perfectly every time, no matter how many wholesale hats you order.
  3. DURABILITY: Though embroidery is initially more expensive than silk screening, your embroidered design will remain intact much longer than it would it if was printed. While screen printed designs degrade over time – especially on items exposed to as much wear, tear and sun as caps – embroidered designs are made to last. This is essential quality for team uniforms, but also for promotional items. After all, the more times your branded cap is worn, the more value you’ll receive from your marketing dollars.
  4. VALUE: Though it may initially seem to cost more, embroidery is, in fact, quite cost effective – especially for more intricate designs. Because pricing is based on the size of a design and the number of designs per hat, (unlike with printing) the number of colors used doesn’t impact the price. There’s only one set-up fee per order and, once the digital image is saved, you don’t have to pay additional set-up charges for additional orders. Add to that, the durability factor and embroidered hats definitely give you more overall bang for your buck.
  5. PRESTIGE: In addition to being more visually appealing, embroidered items are also perceived as classier and more professional than screen printed items. Again, the timeless durability of an embroidered hat speaks to a permanence that is appealing in our daily throwaway culture.

What do you prefer – screen printing or embroidery for your baseball or trucker hats?

Let us know in the comments below.

6 Hair Tips for Women in Baseball Hats

At WholesaleHats.com, we work hard to offer the most stylish and popular wholesale baseball caps and wholesale trucker hats in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. Having been in this business for over 30 years I’ve seen styles come and go.  We’ve sold hats to a diverse clientele from our corporate clients, national parks, local restaurants, family events, community baseball teams, bachelorettes and everything in between.

Baseball Hat Hair Styles Can Be Intimidating

Wholesale Baseball Hats Hair Styles

Photo credit Pinterest @BaseballCapHair

While we sell hundreds of thousands of hats each year and I’ve heard some people – particularly women – say they’re not “hat people.”

Finally I realized that what so many women find daunting about sporting a hat – especially a baseball cap or trucker hat – is that they don’t know what to do with their hair. After all, there’s no denying that baseball caps were designed for men, with men’s heads – and their generally shorter hairstyles – in mind.

When you’ve got a closely cropped hairstyle like many men, a classic baseball or trucker cap is easy and you don’t think much about it. But when you’ve got a mane – curly or straight, long or medium – things can get way more complicated.

Some women are just intimidated or unsure how to pull off the baseball hat look. I thought this article could help because I’ve seen a lot of great looking hats on women throughout my many years in this business.

Lots of Options for Styling -  Just Try It!

Fortunately, there are lots of options for women who want to wear hats and look great. I’ll share a few tips for those ladies who either want to take their first leap into sporting baseball caps and trucker hats or those of you who just want some more ideas on how to look good while wearing them.

Now that there are so many attractive hat styles out there – the wholesale baseball hats we carry come in nearly every color, with different sized brims, and differently textured crowns – it’s a perfect time to give this look a try. And remember, you can use a baseball hat to dress your style up or down, to go low-profile casual, or to pull off a youthful and sexy tomboy look. It’s up to you and remember you have lots to choose from so start with one that appeals to you and go from there.

6 Great Hair Styles for Women Who Want to Wear Baseball & Trucker Hats

Wholesale Baseball Hat Plaid Brushed

Try a great baseball hat look in plaid.

HAIR DOWN – BRUSHED: Both straight locks and wavy curls look cool and neat when they hang down from under your cap. An added plus is that wearing a cap will keep your hair protected from the sun and is easier to brush throughout the day.

Go stylish with a uniquely patterned hat.



Wholesale Trucker Hat Flat Bill

A hip Snapback hat creates a fashion forward look.

HAIR DOWN – BEDHEAD: Whether you’re having a genuinely bad hair day or just want to be playful, run a quick comb or brush through your hair, throw a baseball hat over your bedhead hair and off you go! With just the right dash of bright lipstick, you’ll have a funky look perfect for a day – or night.  Hats are a great way to avoid spending a lot of time styling your hair.

Broad brims are great for reducing the glare on a rough morning.


Wholesale Baseball Hat Women Red

A classic Flexfit baseball hat can go with almost any outfit.

SIDE PONYTAIL/BRAID: This style is perfect for transforming unruly hair into
a look that can be sporty while still looking soft.  Very popular lately with cowgirls, festival go-ers and the laid back fashionistas out there.

Caps needn’t be masculine, some are designed with women in mind.



Wholesale Baseball Hat Bamboo Eco Friendly

A eco-friendly hat in bamboo.

PIGTAILS/BRAIDS: A pair of traditional braids – or even more sophisticated fishtails – looks great when peeking out from under a baseball cap or trucker hat. It’s a style that can look youthful, athletic, sassy or even a bit country.

Bamboo hats are sustainable and stylish.



Wholesale Baseball Hat High Ponytail

Great looking baseball hat with high ponytail hair style.

HIGH PONY: Pulled up to just the right height, you can pull a high ponytail through the back opening of your baseball hat for a very classic and feminine approach. This style is perfect when you want your hair out of your way like when you’re heading to the gym, running, or other activities such as working in the yard.  A high pony can even say sophistication when you wear your hat out at night; it looks clean and well put together.

The classic cap for those who play hard.

[photo credit Pinterest @HatHairstyles]


Wholesale Baseball Hat Pink Camo

A feminine way to dress up your baseball hat in camo.

LOW BUN/PONY TAIL: A close relative to letting it hang loose, pulling your hair together low on the neck can be genuinely casual or, with just the right touch of makeup, genuinely seductive.   This look is a little more laid back and relaxed that some of the others.

When keeping a low profile is the way to go.

Our Wholesale Hats Embroidery and Screen Printing Are Made in the USA

Made in the USA baseball hats wholesaleAs a newly certified government contractor for wholesale hats we are pleased to begin providing our national government with excellent embroidery and screen printing products made in the USA.

WholesaleHats.com has been a provider of wholesale baseball caps, beanies, bucket hats and headwear accessories for over 30 years.  We’re a US based hat wholesaler and have produced our high quality embroidery and screen printing services for retailers, promotional products distributors and other embroiderers and screen printers for over three decades.  Since the growth of the web, we have been able to service end customers more readily and are excited to now be listed on the System for Awards Management (SAM) site serving the US government with our Made in the USA wholesale hat products.

If you’re looking for a supplier of quality embroidery and screen printing we hope you’ll choose WholesaleHats.com for three key reasons; our fast turnaround, we employ US workers and overall our quality and service standards are what set us apart from other suppliers.

Fast Turnaround

Our embroidery and screen printing facilities are located in California which means we can ship anywhere in the world fast.   Because we sell so many wholesale hats we have long-standing relationships with our hat manufacturers and keep a large inventory of hats in stock.  Therefore, when you place your embroidery order we can turn it around within our standard seven day period.  If you need your hat order rushed, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs so you never have to wait when you have important deadlines to meet.

US Based Jobs Means Americans Work

As a family-owned business that has steadily grown over the past three decades we are pleased to have been able to keep our operations and jobs inside the USA.  We employ over 200 people at our wholesale embroidery and silk screening plant.  It matters to us that jobs stay in the USA. We’re proud to produce a product that can say “Made in the USA” when so many companies are closing up shop or moving overseas. We value our employees and plan to keep our operations in the US.

Higher Quality and Better Service

In an increasingly competitive market for commodities like wholesale hats, caps and beanies we realized long ago it was crucial for us to differentiate if we wanted to survive. We stand out and have happy clients coming back year after year because we set higher quality and customer service standards than any other provider of hats in the wholesale market.

Working With Us

For all of our online clients we want you to know we are just as committed as ever to providing the best quality embroidery and screen printing of wholesale hats, beanies and other headwear as before.  Being a member of the SAM website as a government contractor will not change our philosophy about providing the lowest price hats and the highest quality service. We hope we’ve earned your business in the past and will have the opportunity to continue to serve you long into the future.  Additionally we will now have an opportunity to serve new government clients through the Systems for Awards Management (SAM) website.

Online ordering is simple and convenient from our website. You can also reach our friendly customer service team by calling 1-800-745-1667 and they would be happy to take your order over the phone.  Please contact us today to get your order started or if you have any questions!


Wholesale Bucket Hat Buying Guide for Embroiderers, Retailers & Promotional Product Distributors

As we head into peak sun season, we’re pleased to offer you our most popular wholesale bucket hat buying guide for embroiders, retailers and promotional product distributors.  We realize you have a lot of audiences for summer hats and we are here to help you chose the best bucket hat style at the right price for your needs.

Best Selling Features for Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have become quite a fashion statement since pop stars like LL Cool J started wearing them in the 1980’s.  Yet, there are more features bucket hats have to offer than a stylish look.

Here are some of the common reasons buyers choose bucket hats:

  • They often come in light weight, sweat-wicking materials or have inner sweatbands that keep people cool in warmer climates.
  • They fold up and travel compactly (as opposed to firm brimmed baseball hats or straw hats) and clean up well (machine washable).  Many styles are cotton or cotton blend so they are durable and last a long time.
  • Probably the best selling feature is their wide brim for sun protection.  Protecting from the sun can mean keeping the person cool and it can also protect the skin from sun exposure and sunburns.
  • Many bucket hats come with chin cords so they stay on in windy conditions or when moving around.  This is the hat style active people enjoy because it keeps the hat on your head when you need it and also allows you to take the hat off and put it around your neck when you don’t.  Chin cords are convenient for sightseeing when you could be going inside and outside a lot.
  • Businesses love bucket hats because they allow 360 degrees of fabric for embroidering logos, text and designs.  The most overall inches available of any hat style.

Bucket hats make for great promotional product giveaways and mementos for tourist retailers because people will not only use them immediately, but their durability means they will keep the hat (and brand) around a long time.

Bucket Hats and the People Who Love Them

If you haven’t been in the market for a wholesale bucket hat before, you may be in for a surprise at how many styles and colors are available today.  WholesaleHats.com is pleased to offer such a wide selection of patterns, styles, colors and sizes for either blank or custom embroidered hats.

Here are some of the most common wholesale bucket hats and the people who love them:

These styles are popular with our fishing, boating, and golfing set.  There are a variety of designs they often lean towards, some preferring the wider brim and many enjoying the classic look of the more narrow and more firm brim.


Wholesale Boating Bucket Hat

Wholesale Fisherman Bucket Hat in Blue

Wholesale Bucket Hat in Blue






The camouflage hats we carry are popular with hunters and bird watchers. These buyers want sun protection because they’re outside a long time, but they also want to blend in with their natural surroundings.  We carry over 10 different styles and dozens of patterns in camouflage bucket hats.

Wholesale Small Bucket Hat Camouflage

Wholesale Bucket Hat Desert Camo

Wholesale Bucket Hat Hunter Green Forest Camo





We find this selection of bucket hats appeals to nature lovers like hikers and active outdoor people. We sell thousands of these hats each year to national parks and tourist shops with lots of nature-loving clientele.

Wholesale Bucket Hat Washed Twill

Wholesale Taslon UV Bucket Hat

Wholesale Bucket Hat Self Chin Cord






These styles are our popular bucket hats for the beach, lake or riverfront. The variety of selection depends on the local market and preferences, but we’ve sold thousands of these to beach retail shops, lake resorts and water theme parks.

Wholesale Washed Cotton Bucket Hat in Navy

Wholesale Pet Spun Bucket Hat

Wholesale Bucket Hat Pigment Dyed in Olive





If you know you have a lot of stylish clients who want sun protection, consider these great looking hats. Their classic lines, attractive colors and structured design will satisfy those who want shade without sacrificing on style.
Wholesale Ladies Paisley Bucket Hat

Wholesale Cotton Twill Washed Bucket Hats with Frayed Brim & Jacquard Decorative Band

Wholesale Frayed Cotton Twill Washed Bucket Hats






These are popular hats with travelers and sightseers.  They pack easily and allow the person wearing them to see the sights and stay out of the sun or just keep cool.
Wholesale Cotton Twill Washed Bucket Hats with Chin Cord

Wholesale Promotional Cotton Blend Twill Bucket Hats

Wholesale Brushed Twill Aussie Hats





These great bucket hats are a good selection for the gardener. For this audience the most important factors are lots of shade and fabric that cleans up well.  Luckily, most bucket hats do, and we even carry one with a moisture absorbing sweatband and neck protection.  Great for hours in the sun!
Wholesale Cotton Twill Washed Bucket Hats with Chin Cord

Wholesale Outdoor Style Flap Bucket Hats Moisture Absorbing Sweatband

Wholesale Cotton Blend Bucket Hats






Bucket Hat Sizing

Here are the conversion metrics for common sizing in bucket hats in the US (in inches). The head measurement on the left is the circumference of the head and the letter hat size in the right column corresponds to the most common standard sizing for that head size.  Be aware that bucket hats don’t have Velcro or snapbacks like baseball hats.  Bucket hats are meant to be comfortably loose.

Head Measurement Letter Hat Size

20 7/8


21 1/8


21 1/2


21 7/8


22 1/4


22 5/8




23 1/2


23 7/8


24 1/4


24 5/8




Let Us Help You Order Your Bucket Hats

We hope this bucket hat buying guide has been helpful.  We’ve been in wholesale business for over 30 years and know a lot about bucket hats and many more. At WholesaleHats.com we sell more bucket hats at wholesale factory-direct pricing and back that up with great support throughout the order process.

Our online ordering is simple and convenient. You can reach our friendly customer service team by calling 1-800-745-1667 and they would be happy to help you make the best choice.  Please contact us today to get your order started or if you have any questions!


Bucket Hats Are Popular Beyond The Beach

Wholesale Promotional Twill Blend Bucket Hat in Khaki

Best Selling Promotional Bucket Hats

If you’re reading this article you’re probably familiar with the wholesale bucket hats made popular by the famous 1970’s show Gilligan’s Island.  While Gilligan may have brought bucket hats to the beach, today’s fashionable celebrities and the growth of outdoor activities have made them popular beyond the beach.

Bucket Hats Appeal to More of Today’s Outdoor Enthusiasts

While many people easily think of bucket hats for the beach, there are many more sun-loving, outdoor types who are sporting these stylish and functional hats for their favorite activities:

  • Golfing
  • Gardening
  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Summertime events (music festivals, fairs, sporting events, etc)

As sun protection warnings grew over the past 30 years, so did the popularity and demand for these useful hats that provide some of the best sun protection available in headwear.

Celebrities Make Bucket Hats Stylish

Wholesale bucket hat in many two toned colorsWhile celebrities like Justin Timerlake, Christiana Aguilera, and LL Cool J sport some of the most fashionable bucket hat styles, these hats are generally popular with mainstream buyers because they’re easy to pack, offer sun and heat protection and are machine washable (think sweat!).

Thanks to celebrities like Rhianna, bucket hats continue to appeal to fashion conscious buyers everywhere.  To keep up with fashion trends, bucket hats today come in a wide variety of styles and colors, not just our most popular wide-brimmed neutral tones you may be familiar with.Wholesale Bucket Hat in Stylish Camouflage Prints

Sports fans and hunters alike can have the same sun-protection and durable life of a bucket hat thanks to our new styles including the twill washed camouflage and sport fan favorite two-tone bucket hats. If you have a sports-loving audience, consider adding your businesses’ logo to these styles and watch sales soar.

The Many Benefits of Bucket Hats

With more and more people getting outside to enjoy exercise and all of the great summertime activities, the emphasis on fun in the sun leaves some of your buyers needing more than the traditional baseball hat.

Important features for wholesale bucket hat lovers are:

  • Sun protection
  • Stay cool in warm weather
  • Stores easily for day-trips and vacations
  • Machine washable unlike straw hats
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, styles and even performance materials
  • Chin chords allow you to take the hat off when not needed
  • The larger, more comfortable fit works well with all hairstyles
  • Side snaps can change the style and amount of sun control easily

Remember Bucket Hats For Your Next Hat Order

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of bucket hats to wholesale clients, we recognize that the ability to embroider a nearly 360-degree imprinting allows for more marketing messages, images and logos.  We are also one of the few companies to offer screen printing in addition to traditional embroidery, so we’ve got you covered!

Keep in mind the many audiences that bucket hats can appeal to when you’re considering your next custom hat order. We hope you’ll remember the many benefits of bucket hats next time you have a client who needs more space for their marketing, wants to appeal to sun-loving or outdoor loving buyers and make a big splash.

Our online ordering is simple and convenient. Remember our friendly customer service team can be reached at 1-800-745-1667 and can help you make the best choice, so please contact us today to get your order started!

How We Make Sure Our Wholesale Hat Clients Receive Our Very Best

Our Philosophy for Continuous Quality Improvement

Here at WholesaleHats.com we’ve been producing and delivering the best wholesale hats, beanies, scarves and headwear accessories in the market for over 30 years.  We’ve learned a lot about running a successful manufacturing operation and ensuring the best customer experience possible.

Over the years and thanks to the growth of the internet, our clients went from mostly embroiderers and screen printers who resold our products to anyone in the world. We value ALL of our clients and make sure we earn their repeat business. We do our best to continually improve our operations because we know that’s the only way we’ll thrive in a constantly shifting market.

We’re pleased to share some of the lessons we’ve learned with the intent of helping other embroiderers and screen printers, but also any business owner or client like you who just would like to know more about what we’ve learned that works best.

Better Input Means Faster Output

Quality information and good process flow are critical to smooth operations when you have multiple people touching the same order.   We learned that the most important things we could do to speed up our process was to make sure information for each order was accurate and complete.  A 100% complete order without ambiguities or missing information makes sure everyone down the line knows what hats we are producing and by when.

We put emphasis and spend time training the order entry department to make sure work orders or sales orders are 100% complete before they leave that department. After investment countless hours and losing money on re-work and back and forth between departments, we learned that most of the problems arose when an order was 80% complete.  Costs would go up, efficiency would go down.  Better information = faster turnaround and happier customers.

To also help ensure information and processes are completed to our standards every time we implemented checklists for quality assurance, packaging and shipping, sales and order entry, design review and approval, and decoration.  We make sure it’s done right the first time. Every time.

Over Communicate and Quickly

The importance of communicating with clients cannot be overstated.  In the era of fast and lean, often we get moving quickly and forget this point.  We train our teams to communicate with each other and with you quickly if something comes up that could hinder the progress of your order.

If your order cannot be fulfilled, for example the inventory isn’t available or your artwork and hat style are going to be a problem, we notify you of alternatives or refund your money promptly.

We never sit on orders we can’t fulfill or accept an order when the artwork won’t turn out well.  We have surprised many wholesale hat clients over the years by turning down an order or refunding their money instead of producing a product that we felt was not going to represent them or us well.  We learned this philosophy early and it has served us ever since.

We Set Higher Standards Than Clients Expect

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve had an upset client.  It happens. It is far easier to make a client happy the first time than to try to make an upset client happy again.

Our reputation is what helped us build this business and we didn’t get there because we offered low quality products or bad customer service. We will always strive to meet higher standards. We know the lifetime value of a satisfied client is worth more to us than saving a penny or two here or there.

Good manufacturers know quality workmanship is a critical component to producing a great hat or beanie. To ensure we do our best every time we have multiple quality checkpoints throughout the work flow to monitor what you receive from us.

It is our mission to strive to please everyone we can.  We would rather exceed your expectations or have you go somewhere you will be happy than wait until last minute and let you down.  That does not serve anyone.

Continuous Quality & Process Improvement

As I’ve already mentioned our approach has always been to do our very best. The past 30 years of continuous quality improvement as a company philosophy has helped us grow rapidly to become a dominant force in the wholesale hat, beanie and overall embroidered and screen printed headwear market.

We don’t have international certifications for implementing quality systems like ISO 9000. However, we believe no business will succeed it if it’s not striving to do better all the time. A few of the ways we implement continuous quality improvement here at WholesaleHats.com are:

  • Our order sheets are continually being updated as products change and we improve our process flow
  • Our staff are always encouraged to suggest ways to improve the systems
  • Management is constantly looking at streamlining the flow to ensure efficiency and drive costs down while keeping quality high
  • Our systems are monitored and managed to ensure consistent quality so we can deliver on our promises

Order Fulfillment Process Flowchart

Not everyone is a systems geek like me.  But, I truly believe that documenting our systems and training our teams to know their jobs well makes the entire company better.

To shed some light on the operations that go into making your order at WholesaleHats.com, I’d like to share our order fulfillment process flowchart.

Wholesale Hats Order Flowchart

This diagram is just one of the flowcharts we’ve developed over the years to document our workflow, train staff and improve management decision-making.  Documenting the entire process the first time was the hardest part.  Now whenever we see a breakdown, we look to see if the system needs to be refined or if it was an isolated event and more training, checklist update or better communication are in order.

Having this documentation has been very valuable to me as the person responsible for the entire operation.  It is also proved to be valuable to our staff and even outside vendors that work with us.  You would be surprised how having this flowchart has helped us when we need to make changes to our website!

How Can We Better Serve You?

We hope this information will help you see we’re committed from the inside out to providing and ensuring the highest quality wholesale hat or cap on time, every time.

We love what we do and making our customers look good is everything to us.

Thank you for reading and contact me if there’s anything we can do to better serve you.

Wholesale Trucker Hats in 2016 – Our Most Popular Styles

At WholesaleHats.com we carry a wide variety of trucker hats in almost every color, style and material you can imagine.  We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of trucker hats over the past 30 years and in 2016 this hat style continues to be popular with buyers.

We’re pleased to share with you the three most popular trucker hats we’re selling now.

1. Soft Mesh Back Trucker Hats

Low profile soft mesh wholesale trucker hats

Most Popular Trucker Hats 2016: Soft Mesh Back

As trucker hats continue to grow in popularity, the newest addition and by far the most popular style we offer, is the wholesale soft mesh trucker hat design.  As you may have noticed over the years the more traditional style of trucker hats rises and falls in popularity much like bellbottoms and tie-dye, but the underlying appeal of this type of hat remains entrenched in American culture.

From farmers and cowboys, to suburban teenagers and fashionistas, to festival go-ers and outdoor lovers, the soft mesh material is expanding the audience for trucker hats beyond those who are looking to make a fashion statement.

Our most popular soft mesh trucker hats for wholesale embroidery clients have the benefits of higher quality materials, a mesh hat look and unstructured baseball hat design.  This winning combination has this style flying off our shelves.

2. Two-toned Trucker Hats

Wholesale trucker hats in two toned colors

Two-toned Trucker Hats

The traditional structured look of a trucker hat is making way for a new style and is quickly becoming our most popular two-toned trucker hats.  This hat has the lower profile appeal that buyers love, while still matching the more vintage styling of a mesh back trucker hat that they expect.

The price point for two-toned trucker hats sits right in the middle between the higher quality soft mesh material and the budget-friendly foam-front trucker hats that are very popular for screen printing.

We think the two-toned trucker hat has come to stay and will quickly spread into new markets that have long waited for this combination of appealing design and attractive price point.

3. Animal Print Trucker Hats

Animal Print Wholesale Trucker Hats for Embroidery

Animal Print Trucker Hats

Growing in popularity in 2016 are animal print trucker hats.  These hats appeal to women who want to express their love for the trucker hat style but with more flair.  Naturally these hats can be embroidered, so companies who want to get their brand in front of women who are looking for the style of a mesh trucker hat can appeal to a more fashion-conscious market.

In addition to the growing demand for trucker hats in animal prints, we’re also seeing sales of rhinestone embellished trucker hats for women and camouflage trucker hats continuing to expand.  These three styles make up the bulk of the non-traditional trucker hat wholesale clients we serve.

What Trucker Hats Are Popular In Your Market?

While we sell more wholesale trucker hats than any other online company, we would like to hear from you what’s popular in your market.  Trends will vary from market to market, so let us know what you’re seeing locally.

If there’s a hat style you’re being asked to provide and we don’t have it, please let us know.  We strive to offer the most popular styles at the best wholesale prices available anywhere.

Our commitment to quality service is what helped us grow over 30 years and gave us the reputation for treating customers with excellent care.  However, we never want to lose sight of what you need so we’d love to hear from you.   Please leave a comment below or contact us to tell us what you’d like to see in the future.

Wholesale Hats Embroidery Locations

At WholesaleHats.com we’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding embroidery logo placement.

To better inform and demonstrate our embroidery logo placement options we have put together the following infographic (below) to showcase our variety of embroidery location options.


Items to keep in mind:

  • Please note the above infographic relates to USA embroidery production only. China production has different guideline requirements.
  • Design must always be embroidered a ½ inch from the bottom seam.
  • The maximum height for an embroidered hat logo is 2.5 inches with a maximum width of 6 inches.
  • WholesaleHats.com offers a lifetime guarantee on the quality of our products against any manufacturer defect on the hats, embroidery, screen printing and/or patches.

To view our vast selection of wholesale hat style and color varieties visit us on the web at: http://www.wholesalehats.com

Have questions? We love to talk about wholesale hats! Call the Wholesale Hats team at 800-745-1667 for questions about design, styles, colors, ordering, or pricing — we look forward to hearing from you!


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New Non-Profit Partner Feather River College Joins WholesaleHats.com Family

We are proud to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Feather River College as part of our non-profit partnership program, which gives eligible non-profits of any size easy access to inexpensive, high quality hats for their organization. Feather River College is taking advantage of our special rate for non-profits to create beautifully designed, custom baseball caps that proudly sport their logo and clearly reflect the Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program’s goals of teaching students the theory, practical application and technical skills needed to lead and teach through outdoor adventure activities.

How It Works

WholesaleHats.com offers competitive pricing for any company or organization. In most cases, the larger the order, the lower the price for our customers, but non-profits are often relatively small, grass-roots organizations that don’t need hundreds of hats all at once. That’s where our Non-Profit Partner Program comes in. We can give any qualified 501c non-profit organization our best rates for orders as small as 36 hats! All you have to do is contact us with your 501c information and add a link from your website to ours so that others can take advantage of our non-profit partner rates. That’s it. Pretty simple, really. We even provide the information so you can simply cut and paste.

How Your Non-Profit Gets The Lowest Prices

The savings continue long after you’ve pasted our logo on your website and linked to the program because WholesaleHats.com truly believes in the tireless efforts of non-profit groups, we offer small orders at large order prices. So you can order three dozen hats from us now at the same low price as 100 dozen and know that, as your needs change and your organization grows, WholesaleHats.com will continue to support your efforts.

Contact WholesaleHats.com Today To Join Our Non-Profit Partner Program

Is your non-profit looking for a great way to increase their visibility and encourage others to ask about your organization? WholesaleHats.com looks forward to working with your non-profit to produce stylish, affordable hats your members will be proud to wear. Contact us today to learn more.

Stock Embroidery Designs Offer Custom Look Without Custom Prices

If your marketing team has come up with some fabulous ideas for giveaways, prizes or other uses for Wholesale Hats’ impressive inventory of wholesale caps, but you’re concerned about the cost of custom embroidery to convey your message, WholesaleHats.com can help. We understand the dilemma – the concept is a solid one, but if you’re on a budget, custom embroidery may not be an option.

That’s where our stock embroidery designs come in. These are high quality, beautifully rendered images that can be used on any of our wholesale hats to convey your message at an affordable price. You get that custom look for less money and you can have your company’s name or tag line added in full color embroidery as well.

  • Hundreds of fully rendered images of animals, plants, mascots, sports, interests and more
  • Stock embroidery designs means no set-up fees
  • Quick turn-around on rush orders is easy
  • Customizable with your company name or message

Take a look at some of our finest stock embroidery designs that can be used to spread the word about your company:

To see hundreds of our stock embroidery designs, visit our embroidery library.

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