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How to Order Screen Printed Hats

Send Your Design and Order Details Via Email for a Price Quote

Email your design or logo to our screen print coordinator at:

Please include important details such as:

1. Hat styles and quantity you would like to order

2. Approximate size you would like your logo

3. Location of design on the hat

4. Number of colors you would like printed

5. Your contact information

Some designs may need to be modified due to size and complexity.

Artwork Submission Information

Most 5 panel baseball hats can fit a 2.5 inch tall by 5 inch wide screen printed design.

Some low profile hats may require a smaller design.

Lettering must be at least 10-12 point size and converted to a
shape (outlined) rather than an active font.

All printed lines must be at least 1pt thick
All areas to be left open to the hat color must be at least 3pt thick.

Any artwork that does not meet the above requirements may be subject to an art set up fee.

If possible please provide your artwork in a vector format.

File types we accept: .ai, .pdf, .eps
When submitting .ai files please save to legacy CS5 format or older.

If you do not have a vector file format we may be able to convert your artwork
for you at an additional cost.

If you do not know what any of this technical information means, please feel free

to send us the art you have and we will do our best to help you.