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1. Determine the material of the baseball cap as well as the material of the lid. Cotton blends and acrylics can usually be submerged completely in water. However, it's important to note that caps with cardboard rims can become misshapen when immersed.

2. If concerned about colorfast capabilities perform a quick spot test on a concealed area of the baseball cap with a wet cloth to ensure no color loss during the cleaning process.

3. Examine cap for stains and other marks of dirt, grime and overall wear. Carefully inspect the brim of the garment as that's where most build-up occurs. Use fabric friendly laundry stain spray on identified areas. Note: Never place baseball cap in dishwasher. Detergents for the dishwasher can prove especially coarse to the material of the cap and may even include bleaching agents that can cause irreparable damage. Additionally, the extreme water temperatures in dishwashers can cause the garment to shrink.

4. After pre-treating the baseball cap, hand wash with a fabric cleaning agent specifically designed for delicate garments in a bathroom or kitchen sink to ensure the hat’s shape and condition is not compromised. If hand washing with other items, only include with similarly colored pieces to ensure no cross-color bleeding.

5. Once baseball cap has been thoroughly cleaned, remove from sink to dry. Note: Never run cap through machine drying cycle. Instead, place over large coffee can or other appropriate sized round object similar to head size for optimal drying results.

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