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Custom Bucket Hats

Wholesale Hats offers blank and custom embroidered wholesale bucket hats at the lowest prices around. Click on any image below to view the wholesale pricing available for your favorite bucket hat with string.

Custom Bucket Hats

All Bucket Hats can be customized with your design. 24-hat minimum. Easy online customization or call for a free consult.
Free Shipping on All Bucket Hats! Add your custom logo to these wholesale bucket hats with our reliable, quality embroidery in two weeks.

Custom bucket hats are a popular outdoor headwear item and can be ordered in a wide variety of materials. They can be reversible and feature a narrow or wide brim. Typically, they are made of canvas, denim, or cotton. They are also very comfortable and durable, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

Custom bucket hats can be printed with a company logo or other design. They are ideal for any organization, school, or sports team. Coastal Reign, a leading supplier of custom bucket hats, offers a wide range of designs and styles. Embroidery is an excellent method of adding a logo or design. The thread is woven into the hat material using a machine. The standard turnaround time is between two and three weeks.

Men and women alike can wear a custom bucket hat to express their unique style. These headwear items are popular with all age groups, and many celebrities wear them as a style statement. Rihanna, for example, is a big fan of this iconic style. Custom bucket hats are available in a wide variety of materials and colors.

Bulk bucket hats can be purchased at wholesale prices from Wholesale Hats. We carry a huge range of promotional products, including wholesale blank hats and embroidered hats. The company also offers a full line of military and government-licensed hats. These are the perfect way to show support for your organization or group and will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Custom bucket hats can also be used for outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and fishing. They also make excellent spirit wear at sporting events. They keep you cool in the sun and provide shade, which is essential for outdoor activities. Embroidered bucket hats have a brim that goes around the entire hat, making them comfortable to wear during outdoor activities. The stitching creates a three-dimensional effect that will make your logo stand out.

Custom bucket hats are a great way to express yourself and show your unique style. They look great on men, women, and even kids. They are great gifts for any occasion. Custom bucket hats are available in many styles. It is important to find the right style for your business and personality.

Custom Bucket Hats

Following the highly debated bucket hat online is all about fun.  It is routinely mocked, and so out that it’s in.  It is for everyone from the outlier to the super stylish and the summer camp nerd.  For the uncool it started with Gilligan’s Island and who can forget Bill Murray in Caddy Shack?  But bucket hats were revived with LL Cool J in the 90’s and in recent times has looked very hip on Rihanna and Jay Z. 

They can be referred to as boonie hats, and can come with or without chin straps or a pocket on the side.   With a slightly bigger brim, they are fisherman hats, in neutral and camo versions and can be made with fabric that offers UV protection from the sun. There are bucket hats that are referred to as Aussie hats with a slightly larger profile. There are straw bucket hats, that are lovely as dressed up Spring accessories and also custom bucket hats that pass your message or brand on to the world. If you are starting a new business or supporting an old one, there are cheap bucket hats in cotton blends that are great for promotions.  We also offer bucket hats in water resistant fabrics, UV protective fabrics, washed twills, Bucket hats made from PET Spun recycled water bottles and several versions with frayed edging for a more broken-in appearance. So if you are heading to the beach, out for a hike or hitting the streams with your fly fishing rod, you should find the right Bucket Hat at Wholesale Hats.